• Yes it is fossil of the day

    Australia has used a summit on reducing greenhouse gas emissions to lobby the US energy minister in support of the development of one of the world’s largest coalmines.The move, by the Australian environment and energy minister, Josh Frydenberg, at the Marrekech meeting, won Australia the fossil of the day award, announced daily by the Climate Action Network to the countries that perform the worst at UN climate talks.

  • No, I do not think that Australia is the "fossil of the day".

    Australia is getting a lot of backlash because they are looking to open a large coalmine. Many people believe that this will hurt the climate and the earth will not be around much longer because of the out of CO2 that is being produced around the globe. Australia is looking to provide jobs for people. This coalmine will be good for the economy and provide money and jobs for many people.

  • No, i don`t think so.

    How is it that Australia seems to be the one out among western nations who have people such as Frydenberg, Abbott, Dutton, Morrison and Kelly who refuse to acknowledge the evidence provided by over 90% of climate scientists. Cannot those mention above read or hear or is it just too complicated for them to get. More likely though they are in the pockets of the fossil fuel industry.

  • It is valid power.

    The new proposed Carmichael Coalmine is a valid use of energy. There is something to be said for the use of coal. It is tried and true but its application of thermal is innovative as well. What they plan to do with it is an amazing feat of engineering. We should encourage invention, not discourage it.

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