• Carpooling helps everyone

    Remember a person who cannot buy a car or scooter has your car for help .He might reach his place on time with help from you and you might also reach . It also helps reduce traffic on road .So, I think carpooling is a really good idea. Thank you

  • Carpooling is a plus!

    Having a carpool to work, school, even to go grocery shopping saves on gas, pollution, and traffic jams. I think it also brings back the time where people helped others. We are so stuck in our own lives that we have pushed our friends aside. Carpooling can be so much fun, and I think it is a winner.

  • Carpooling wins, hands down.

    Not only does it reduce our carbon footprint and reduce traffic on our roads, but it is an easy and effective way of reducing your travel costs and saving money. Plus, with the rise of the sharing economy and changing trends in mobility, sites like www.Carpooling.Com make it even simpler to share your ride, saving both money and the environment.

  • Yes, for sure.

    Carpooling saves on gasoline, it helps protect the environment and reduce our shortage and therefore dependence on foreign oil, and it saves individuals money not only in gas but on wear and tear on individual vehicles. It's a win/win situation. It's also nice to have someone to talk to when you're going someplace, though personally I do some of my best thinking when I'm alone in my car.

  • Yes, it helps the environment and saves gas.

    Yes, I believe carpooling is better than driving individually. It helps the environment and saves gas. Additionally, you can get to know your co-workers better by carpooling and having more of a social life. This is a great initiative with the environmental efforts and spending more time with people. Of course this is better than driving individually.

  • Carpooling is a big no no.

    It can waste a lot of time as you need to be punctual and if you're late,
    the other people the car need to wait for you. It does not give you a lot of privileges as you have to depend on one person for him to pick you up.

  • Carpooling has its limitations.

    Carpooling will need a lot of punctuality. If you are late, the other members of the carpool will fall behind in time because they would have to wait for you. Also, you would not be able to do personal errands because you depend on the carpool person to pick you up. It could also be inconvenient for other members of the carpool.

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