• Yes more Americans need to get CPR training.

    In an medical emergency will take first responders critical minutes to get to the victim. In the case of cardiac arrest every minute without CPR support lessen's the victim’s chance of surviving the event. So it is critical for as many adults as possible to receive CPR training so they will have the knowledge and skills to provide help.

  • Not just Americans

    Basic first aid is something that everyone should learn, because you never know when you might find yourself in a situation where these skills are critical. If everyone took a few hours out of their year to learn and remind themselves CPR and first aid, they could save numerous lives.

  • Yes, more Americans should receive CPR training.

    Yes, more Americans should receive CPR training. Cardiovascular emergencies can happen at any time. If more people are trained to provide CPR, there is a higher likelihood that someone proficient in these methods will be present if the need arises. These programs should be sponsored by the government and provided to anyone who wants to learn CPR.

  • More americans should take CPR

    CPR can save a life and is not very difficult to learn and master. Accordingly, instead of some of the topics focused on in schools maybe the more practical skill of CPR would be a better use of our education system. If the training only resulted in a few lives saved annually, the time and effort would be well worth it.

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