• Celebrity pregnancy is news because society has decided these people are important.

    Celebrity pregnancy is news because society has decided these people are important. The reason we have celebrities is to distract from our every day lives. One way we do this is by learning details about celebrity everyday life. Pregnancy is absolutely news as it is a huge lifestyle change in their lives.

  • We know their lives.

    Yes, celebrity pregnancies should be news, because these people have put their private lives out to the public by making themselves famous. They are famous because of their personal images and their personalities. So when these people have major life events, we who are fans of the celebrity like to celebrate with them.

  • No and No

    Give me one legitimate reason why someone's birth is considered newsworthy. What, because that person is a celebrity they get preferential treatment over, let's say, the Ebola crisis, the wars in Syria, Iraq and Gaza? Our rights are being taken away little by little and this is just soft news to distract us from real world events.

    Nonetheless, congrats to Mike Fisher and his wife.

    Posted by: S.K
  • Cults of personality.

    Entertainers are now to North Americans what the Kims are to North Koreans. They are just people in a very social line of work; why their personal lives are matters of public importance I truly cannot comprehend. The fact that some media outlets would rather report on this rather commonplace pregnancy rather than the deteriorating conditions in Libya demonstrates the rather sad priorities information is ranked by in our society.

  • Definetly should not

    Why does everything celebrity does have to be news all the freaking time. There are way more important things going on in the world besides a celebrity getting pregnant. People are dying or getting killed and this gets to be news. Many women get pregnant and have babies everyday. Where are their recognition for this.

  • No, it shouldn't.

    I think it is fine is their pregnancies are announced, but I don't understand why it is headline news. There becomes an obsession with celebrity pregnancies which I don't think is healthy. Especially when they seem to lose the weight immediately afterwards. Average women sometimes feel like they must compete which is next to impossible.

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