Carrying a handgun at home: Is it advisable to carry a handgun while at home?

  • There is a safe way to handle a hand gun

    There are many who believe that there is no reason to carry a gun, as though crime doesn't happen. But if you do not have a gun do when your life is threatened by a burglar, you will be defenseless. Homeowners should carry guns to protect themselves, their homes, their friends, their neighbors, and their families. People should carry guns at home.

  • Risk exceeds Reward

    The chances that owners will require a handgun for a situation is less likely than the handgun being misused in other situations, resulting in even more incidents than what would happen if people tried to prevent these incidents with handguns. Basically, misusing a gun is more likely to happen than a burglar breaking into your house.

  • Weapons at Home

    Weapons such as handguns should not be carried while at home. Statistics have shown that the handgun most often would be used on a family member. Therefore, it is not advisable to carry handguns around the house. Also the handgun could injure the one carrying the weapon while at home.

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