Carson Wentz played well in his debut for the Eagles. Will he have a good rookie year?

  • He was great!

    Carson Wentz had an amazing debut on Sunday for the Eagles. I think that he did better than Eagles fans expected him too, and it was a very pleasant surprise. In addition to making some big plays, he also showed strong leadership skills. Wentz is starting to look like the leader of this team.

  • He handled the nervese

    Carson Wentz went into his first NFL game and he played well. Being able to handle nerves on that level is very important. His performance in his debut is indicative of how he will perform for the rest of the season. He is a standout player with the ability to think under pressure. This will carry him through for the rest of the season.

  • Yes, he will.'

    He has already proven himself on the field numerous times and this latest game proves that he has what it takes to make it on a professional level, in the NFL. As long as he can keep up the momentum and he does not have any injuries he will certainly do well this season.

  • Carson Wentz will face struggles this year

    Carson Wentz will face struggles in his rookie year. Quarterback is the most difficult position in football, and generally requires experience in order to play well consistently. Wentz had a nice first game, but defenses will throw things at him in the coming weeks. He is not fully prepared for the NFL, having played college ball at small North Dakota State.

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