• Yes, they are.

    Arthur is a popular cartoon on PBS and many of the cartoons original fans are of the age where they are starting to make memes, incluing memes that involve dirty or inappropriate humor, something that can be especially funny when the source is a children's cartoon that is supposed to teach kids to want to read.

  • A simple Arthur meme expresses the emotions we all feel

    A picture really is worth more than 1,000 words when it conveys something we all can relate to. Arthur and his tiny clenched fists sums up our thoughts and emotions in ways we never thought possible. It is important to acknowledge the common feelings and frustrations we feel without taking them too seriously. Arthur helps us do that.

  • Arthur memes are a temporary fad.

    All memes are temporary. Think about five or so years ago when memes first became popular. Are any of them still being used today? Can anyone even recall any examples of old memes? It's hard when you try to think of some. Arthur memes are great, especially for those who grew up with the cartoon. But, in a few weeks, there will be another viral meme and Arthur will slowly fade away like the rest.

  • No, Arthur memes are not here to stay.

    Arthur is no longer a popular character. In fact, most millennials probably do not even know who he is. Therefore, I really do not believe this is a pop culture reference that is going to stick. Instead it is just a small flash in the pan and will soon go away.

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