• Casey Anthony Forced to be a Recluse

    I believe that Casey Anthony's death penatly case caused her to be a recluse during the duration of her trial. It is understandable that Casey Anthony would not want to be in the public eye while dealing with a stressful situation that most people will never have to face. No one should be surprised at her actions.

  • Of Course! Why else?

    She's been voted before as one of the most hated women. I mean, think back to the day the verdict was made, women who even slightly or just resembled her were constantly getting attacked all over the country because people thought it was her! Everyone knows that woman can never live a normal life again and she constantly has to watch her back. Unless she has a death wish, it would be stupid for her NOT to be a recluse.
    If anything it was the media who has forced and still forces her into hiding. The Media is the only reason why billions of people even know of her. It was the same with the OJ Simpson trial, he stayed off the radar for awhile after the trial, but now since time has passed, he can live a almost normal life. As opposed to Casey Anthony though, she was a accused of killing a child but not just any child, her own child. No one likes a child killer so she may never live a normal life!

  • World will never forgive her

    Yes it has caused her to have to hide herself. There are thousands of people that would like to see her did. Many that do not think that she got what she deserved. People have said that they will kill her if given the chance. She is seen as a woman,who murdered her baby, and got away with it.

  • The death penalty case did force Casey Anthony to be a recluse.

    The death penalty case did force Casey Anthony to be a recluse. Many people hate Casey Anthony because of what they believe she did. She would likely not be safe in public because of the ill will against her. The death penalty case put the accusations against her in the public spotlight and her face is now well-known.

  • No, she chose her own fate.

    The death penalty case was certainly warranted and her own actions and her own attitude are what led her to choose whatever life situation she is choosing now. She certainly was not forced into this by any person or case and needs finally to take responsibility for what she has done and how she handled it.

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