Casey Kasem dies at 82: Is Ryan Seacrest the next big radio personality?

  • Yes, Ryan Seacrest is the radio personality heir apparent.

    Ryan Seacrest took over for Casey Kasem on the American Top 40 in 2004 and has been the "voice" radio ever since. His popularity as a radio personality has helped him with his gig as host of American Idol since many of his guests on AT40 often also appear as performers or mentors on AI.

  • Yes, Ryan Seacrest is the Next Big Radio Personality

    Ryan Seacrest is the next big radio personality. He has a daily radio show that is syndicated across the nation. He is the host of the New Year's Eve show on TV. He hosts and participates on countless shows on TV. He has a major radio and TV presence. It truly is up to him if he wants to be the next big radio personality.

  • He's a big name.

    Yes, Ryan Seacrest is the next big radio personality, because he is well-know. Of course, American Idol is what made Seacrest famous nationwide, but he also still has a radio show, too. Even though Seacrest might look like a Ken Doll or a boy band performer, he is still a great DJ with a great ability.

  • Ryan Seacrest is not Unique

    Whilst popular and with a strong career path, Ryan Seacrest is quite bland in his mannerisms. There is a lack of uniqueness to his presenting techniques and this may hold him back from becoming a global sensation. Easy to listen to, but not worth scheduling your day around tuning into. I don't believe he will be the next big radio sensation.

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