Casey Kasem hospitalized: Should people with dementia be forced into group homes, for the safety of society?

  • Not in most cases

    First of all, a person feels depressing and exhausting in dementia and just imagine the situation if he/she is sent to group homes and if he/she finds it not comfortable then it can make the situation worse. Well there is not a big danger to society from this people so we should let them live in free environment. We also should not let them do whatever they want to do but also not keep preventing them from doing what they want to do. They should be treated nicely and that's it.

  • Families should help make decisions.

    People with dementia should not be forced into group homes, because they and their families should be able to have some input. In some situations, a person would be better off with their family, if the family is able to bring in care for them. It gives the government too much control to allow them to force people away from society and their families.

  • No, people with dementia should not be forced into group homes for any reason.

    No, people with dementia should not be forced into group homes for the safety of society, or for any other reason. Forcing people into any sort of living situation based upon their medical or mental condition is a violation of their freedom as Americans. If Americans were ever forced into group homes, or any other situation, because of their mental condition, it would be unacceptable.

  • No, people with dementia should not be forced into group homes.

    It is estimated that about 35 percent of all people with dementia in the US live alone. It is possible for people with dementia to live independently in their own homes, with the proper support. Good quality home care can reduce hospital admissions and the early entry into group care homes. Each case should be judged on its own merits.

  • Not all the time

    I'm not sure those with dementia should be forced into group homes, but sometimes for their safety and that of others, they need care and supervision. Sometimes family or adult day care can provide the necessary supervision. A person who suffers from dementia can do any number of things that could harm him/herself or others i.e. leaving the gas on, forgetting to shut off the water. Unless the individual has someone to care for him or her, a group home may be the answer, but not all of the time.

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