Casey Kasem was a Very Evil Hate Filled man, A vile Anti-Semite Bigot, Casey Kasem was a Monster

  • The Hypocrisy of Casey Kasem exposed

    Another comment someone typed online was "Hi again! I remember reading Debbie’s article back in October 2013, And I just wanted to re-post a comment about the late Kasem (concerning both his voice acting talents and his racial hypocrisy)…
    Ah yes, Casey Kasem… his “Top 40? Thing every weekend. He also did a lot of voice acting back in the day. He did a couple of voices for the original “Transformers” cartoon back in the 1980s (Cliffjumper and one or two of the other Autobots; you know, The good guys). HOWEVER… and this is where it gets really hypocritical… he apparently left the series in protest after they showed some negative Arab or Middle Eastern stereotype. Granted, That was bad in its own way, But in light of this information which Debbie had provided us with about the man, That just makes the hypocrisy even worse.

    So yeah, He leaves a popular animated series because of a negative depiction of Arab and Middle Eastern people, But then joins the loony anti-Semitic and Holocaust-denying bandwagon. Just how hypocritical can you get? " Casey Kasem was a worthless turd

  • Casey Kasem according to other comments

    Other comments people typed about
    Casey Kasem were :
    "I remember hearing “Mr. ” Kasem on American Top 40 and his voice on one of my favorite childhood cartoons Scooby Doo. That being said it seems that the old saying karma’s a bitch is apply put here. I didn’t know that “Shaggy” was a far left leaning, Jew hating, Israeli bashing douchebag. It shouldn’t come as no surprise though seeing as how most of the famous Jewish entertainers seem to hate Israel and the U. S. That is the height of irony due to the fact that both countries made Kasem and his brain dead ilk very rich. It also looks like the nuts didn’t fall far from the tree as his kids share his warped views. I’m just sorry(not really) that the poor dumb smuck is now stricken with a debilitating disease. I’m not a superstitious man be no means but I do believe in what goes around comes around. For Kasem it’s looks to have come around with a vengeance. "

    "Disappointing, But not altogether surprising, To learn that Paul Anka, Of Lebanese descent, Was among those Arabized Lebanese Christian dhimmis castigating Israel. The no-talent Anka, Essentially washed up by the 1960s, Derived much of his income from innumerable appearances at Jewish hotels in New York’s Borscht Belt from around 1964 until the hotels all closed by the early 1990s. What an ungrateful, Hypocritical bastard – if it weren’t for the Jews, Anka would have had to sell shoes or used cars after his teen idol days ended. He also wouldn’t have had the money for hair plugs
    Another prominent Lebanese Jew-hating dhimmi Christian, By the way, Is Ralph Nader. In a despicable anti-Israel rag which calls itself the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, He is listed as having contributed $500 toward its publisher, The AET (American Educational Trust), A blatantly anti-Israel organization. This can be found in the November/December 2012 issue of this piece of trash, Which evidently exists primarily to vilify Israel and its supporters. " Arabists like Casey Kasem are truly disgusting

  • Even More comments about Casey

    People have also typed about
    Casey Kasem
    "Well, He’s dead now! Good riddance to this piece of anti-Semitic anti-Zionist piece of garbage! "

    "I once saw a documentary on public-access cable, In favor of Palestinian terrorists and rife with hatred of Jewish people.

    Kasem narrated it, And was saying the usual type of hateful things that Nazis would smile and nod along with. "

  • Casey Kasem was indeed Camel Dung

    A Very funny comment someone typed online about Casey Kasem was
    "Debbie, Casey Kasem changed his tagline slogan. He now says, “keep your feet from shaking off the bed and reach for the bedpan. ”

    Let’s just hope the earth does not vomit him up when they plant this piece of camel dung six feet under. "

  • More Truthful Comments about Casey Kasem

    Even more comments people typed about the Unspeakable Evil & Hypocrisy of the fraud & charlatan
    Casey Kasem
    "Casey Kasem did very, Very well in the United States. He was also more than happy to deal with Jews when he had an active career. His pathological dislike of Israel should have made his antisemitism quite clear. Mr. Kasen’s charitable support of organizations and individuals who were financing known terror groups should have put him behind bars. "

    "Yes, Absolutely! One of the strengths that makes this site unique is that you tell the truth about dead people, And, By extension, Sick or infirm people. You do not sugarcoat them.

    I, Also, Am sick and tired of people who act like jerks all their lives, And then when they get old and/or sick, Whether because of their own behaviors or otherwise, Expect sympathy. No, They are the same people.

    And Mothers Against Drunk Driving? Another sleazy organization, That fosters Government authoritarianism. To my knowledge, There has never been a reliable study, Or statistical evaluation of whether their antics reduce accidents (the politically incorrect term, Being eclipsed in some jurisdictions by the more politically correct term ‘crashes’). Just more harassment of drivers (I guess it’s more OK to oppress drivers rather than the more politically correct bicyclists who are more ‘sensitive’ to the environment’).

    "Some truths are harsh and often go begging for someone to speak them. Enter the courageous DS.

    This outstanding post might well be titled, ” When Bad Things Happen to the Most Deserving People. ”

    "Debbie, I’ve never heard of this guy until just now, And thanks for the information of this guy, Casey Kasem. And I to am not shedding tears and having pity for him and his love ones, Because not only he has disgusting and spiteful views regarding geo-politics, But so are his children, From the looks of it, Mr. Kasem indoctrinated his kids into his dogmatic political views of hating the US, Hating Israel, Hating the Western world, While having sympathy for the Arabs, Islam/Muslims and preferably the third-world.

    “A nation is defined by its borders, Language & culture! ”

    ““Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. ” Sadly, He didn’t take his own advice, And reached for the jihad, Instead. ”
    Casey Kasem was a Loser, He became all washed up in his later years, The
    Leftist Media covered up his Criminal Pathological nature and his Crimes Against Humanity, History Must Remember and Never Forget the True Evil and Wickedness that was Casey Kasem

  • About the bum Casey Kasem

    One person typed online about
    Casey Kasem that :
    "As with your last article about Casey Kasem I thank you again Debbie for telling the truth about this bum. Even though I liked Shaggy on Scooby Doo and Robin on Superfriends it still does NOT excuse him from siding with the sworn enemies of the Jewish people and Israel. I also remember listening to Americas Top 40 countdown as a kid not knowing of his slobbering love affair with dirtbags like Hamas. What’s up with creeps and their anti-Jew and anti-Israel hatred? Liberalism is truly a mental disorder and sadly it was mental disease that did Kasem in. Now get ready for the wifey and the kiddies to fight like rabid dogs to see who will get his reported 80 million dollar estate. I’m not a superstitious man but I do believe in karma and that she is the biggest b-witch on the planet. If you’re a jerk or jerkette she will catch up with you sooner or later. Also Dolomite Johnson you’re an idiot who really should brush up on Israeli history before you come here and spout stupid nonsense. Your Jew hating slip is showing big time. Just go back to the Daily Kooks or the Huffinggaspost where they’re probably crying over Kasem’s death. "

  • Another person typed about Casey Kasem

    Another person typed online about
    Casey Kasem that
    "It is rather hard to bless someone without a soul. Casey Kasem was nothing more than an anti-Semitic D. J. This dude dumped his first wife for some blonde bimbo"
    That's the sad truth,
    Casey Kasem was an Arab Monster, A supporter of Arab & Islamic Terrorism
    We should all be happy he is gone
    Casey Kasem indeed had no Soul, No Heart, No Humanity or Decency within him,
    He was very overrated,

  • The Ugly Truth about Casey Kasem

    From the website debbieschlussel. Com an article is headlined

    "Casey Kasem, Anti-American, Anti-Israel Creep, Buh-Bye – RIH" on June 15, 2014
    By Debbie Schlussel

    **** UPDATE: Casey Kasem Hosted Anti-Semitic Palestinian Event Featuring Jew-Hater, Holocaust Denier ****

    So, Radio disc jockey Casey Kasem is dead at 82. No tears from me. As recent readers will note, I pointed out that Kasem has a long history of anti-American, Israel-hating activism, Which includes support for HAMAS and its terrorist activity against Israel.

    Karma is a Bitch for Israel-Hater Casey Kasem (Pictured at Openly Pro-HAMAS/Hezbo ADC Fundraising Dinner)
    Kasem supported Islamic terrorists and publicly opposed Israel’s efforts to fight them, Every step of the way. Kemal Amin Kasem (his real name) was a Druze Arab who was a constant presence at Arab and Muslim rallies and events against Israel. He was also a frequent participant in anti-American protests. He was a darling of the left. Read all the details here.

    It is fitting that Kasem–who was suffering from Parkinson’s and dementia–spent his last months being dragged back and forth in a traumatic family feud between his children from his first marriage and his second wife. I am glad that he experienced even a fraction of a fraction of a tiny modicum of the trauma and terror he wished upon Jews and Israelis. What goes around comes around.

    Casey Kasem, Get ready for the hot climate where you are headed. Rot in hell, Voice of Shaggy.

    Reader Lisa:

    Thank you for the truth. While everyone is “mourning” this creep, You spoke the truth!

    Yup, As with Maya Angelou and all the other harmful lefty celebs the media mourns and gushes over, Truth is a rare commodity.

    Casey Kasem shouldn’t be mourned. Not for a single second. " Casey Kasem was a Monster who supported Arab & Islamic Terrorism, His death brings Glory to God

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