Casey Kasem's declining health: Is 82 a young age to die in modern times?

  • 82 too young to die

    In this day and age more and more people are living to a ripe old age. Only a generation or two ago it was quite normal to die in your sixties but now with improvements in lifestyle and medicines it is unusual to die before your mid eighties so 82 is still quite young to die. More and more people are living in their 90s and even over a century.

  • No, 82 is not young.

    The normal age range at death starts in the 70s, I believe. Early 80s seems to be common for death, still. It's a good old age at which to die. I wanted my parents to get old like this. But Mom died at age 52 and Dad died at age 67. I consider Dad a little old. I think it's good when one's relative who dies has had at least the normal length of life, especially at least 80 years.

  • That's pretty good for a man.

    No, 82 is not a young age to die in modern times, because that is actually a pretty average age for a man. That's probably the average life expectancy for someone born today. We have modern medicine available to us today, and that allows people to live to old age. 82 is a good old age.

  • No, I don't believe it is.

    I believe the average age of death for the American male is somewhere around 75 or 76, 82 is still multiple years past that. I think modern medicine will slowly increase that age to 80, but it will take some time especially with the obesity crisis we have in America that will shorten lifespans overall.

  • Death isn't something that can be predicted like that.

    People think that pushing back death as long as possible will increase the quality of life. This is a very basic concept. Quality does not equal quantity. You could live forever in a vegetative state, but it wouldn't be worth living any more. Let the man have peace, let his pain end, let him die.

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