Cast members' Emmy salute: Does Larry Kramer really deserve the praise?

  • Larry Kramer Praise

    So much has been said about cast members giving a lot of praise to Larry Kramer for his Emmy Salute. I do not feel that there is nothing wrong with people showing a person that they are appreciative about what they do. When someone gets a emmy is a big deal and there is nothing wrong with giving a person a little praise.

  • Yes, he does.

    Larry Kramer was a pioneer in the early days of the AIDS epidemic. He was one of the very few vocal advocates against the government's inaction in those early days. I believe that he deserves more credit than he gets in opening up the doors of prejudice and revealing a disease that knows no sexual orientation or drug abuse.

  • Yes Larry Kramer deserved every word of praise he received and more!

    The HBO made for TV film 'Normal Heart' was based upon Larry Kramer's autobiographical play about HIV and AIDS activism. It shows what everyday people with passion can do the change the world we live. Mr. Kramer's passion and activism has changed the how people infected HIV and AIDS are seen and treated by society.

  • Great Story - Great Ability

    While there are people out there who recoil at any story about AIDS or the LBGTQ community, Larry Kramer wrote a brilliant story with well-thought characters and a structurally sound plot. While he deserves praise for addressing difficult subject matter, he really deserves it for his excellent ability and fabulous talent.

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