Castration of sex offenders: Should men found guilty of sex crimes be chemically castrated?

  • Anyone guilty of sex crimes should be used as guinea pigs.

    Sex crimes are among the most violent crimes a person can commit. I have no issue with people whom have been found guilty being chemically castrated. These criminals should be used as guinea pigs for all of our medical testing. Find a possible treatment for AIDS, test it out on an inmate. I have no problem with that at all. Is it inhumane? These people didn't care about humanity when they committed their sexual acts. Why should we care about their humanity now.

  • Yes, stop it for good

    Many rapists are repeated offenders. It seems to be a mentality. If they can, they'll keep doing it. If they think they can get away with it, they'll keep attacking and raping. The risk of getting caught does not stop them. So yes, let's solve the problem once and for all by castrating them.

  • Children have the right to protection

    If they have the right to reproduce. I definitely don't believe that this should be the case for all, many or most sex offenders but rather repeat serious sexual offenders who have already received treatment but was not successful. I believe that we should protect all people but if serious sexual offenders refuse to acknowledge the importance of these same rights that are put in place to protect them we need to ensure the protect of the vulnerable and meek.

  • No, this is cruel and unusual.

    1.) If this would be done to men, then it should also be done to women.
    2.) Everyone has a right to reproduce.
    3.) Cruel and unusual punishments are immoral.
    4.) People can be wrongly convicted, and this would ruin their lives.
    5.) Most wrongly accused men are found guilty, because women's testimonies are favored in a court of law.

  • Uncalled for hatred

    I see a lot of hated and stupidity on this topic. Ignorant people saying all sex offenders should be casterated. When I was 19 I slept with an underage teenager at a party NOT a child but a
    Teenager. I was sentenced plead guilty and now a lifetime register. I was in college for networking but after finding out I would never have a job in networking I changed my degree to business and have been
    Able to do nothing with it because of a very old mistake. I have twin daughters of my own now and I can't go to their gymnastics
    Practices or meets because the instructor found out I was a registered sex offender and instead of pulling my daughters out of what they love I just don't go anymore and blame it on work. I can't go to any of their school activities or games or anything of that nature because the school is aware I am a registered sex offender. I had the word rapists spray painted across my car twice until I was forced to put up security cameras. I've had random text messages and emails from people telling me I should kill myself or that I'm a piece of garbage all because of a website known as home facts sprays everything about you on their site. I graduated high school a year early and graduated college with a
    Bacholers in business management and an associates in applied and statistical mathematics and I work as an equipment operator for a construction company. I have learned to live with it and always planned to tell my girls but couldn't bring myself to do it. A
    Little girl at their school told them and they come home and asked me and I had to tell them the truth. I told them what happened and why I'm on that list and all these years I haven't been missing their games because of work I've been missing them cause I couldn't go. My daughters don't talk to me anymore because of the hatred that has spilled over onto them at their school, they changed
    Schools and one of my twins are talking about dropping out because kids at the new school found out. They have since moved to their aunts in another state and no longer live with me and my wife their mother. They call and talk to her often but refuse to talk to me, I have lost so much over this. My promising future, good jobs and now the two most important things in my life my daughters. I wish so bad I could go back in time and I wish daily that when I was 20 and had that gun in my mouth I would of just pulled the trigger. What about sex offenders in my shoes? Should I have been casterated, thrown in prison forever, used as a guinea pig or drug out in a field and beaten up and raped?

  • Nobody, male or female, who commits a crime should be used as a human guinea pig without informed consent.

    The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and other international groups dealing with war crimes, etc., emphatically oppose the use of convicted persons as human guinea pigs. When one is a prison inmate, he or she cannot give INFORMED consent to such experiments as chemical castration. Consent must be given willingly and between those of equal status. The relation between jailor and inmate is like doctor vs. Patient; adult vs. Child; sane vs. Insane; teacher vs. Student. The nature of imprisonment means an inmate cannot have equal standing with his or her jailor and, thus, cannot give TRUE consent. When you make such castration COMPULSORY, you are imitating Nazi war criminals who used Jews and others as guinea pigs in brutal and useless experiments.

    Besides, inmates might decide to rise up in rebellion and instigate Attica-like insurrections against such practices. Those sex offenders would have nothing to lose by mutinying against their jailors.

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