Castration of sex offenders: Would castrating sex offenders be economical?

  • Economical yes too

    But it's a safety reason why sex offenders should be castrated at first. It would also be economical to castrate them and give them possibility with that to find back into society and start a new live as unknown castrated sex offender with strongly reduced urges. Go to work again instead beeing for longer time in jail.

  • No it would not be economical.

    Castration of sex offenders would not be an economical idea as it would take a lot more tax payers money and more time in order to determine if they should or shouldn't be castrated, the care and treatment of before and after castration, and the mental rehabilitation after the castration.

  • It wouldn't solve the problem.

    Although I personally have no problem with castrating sex offenders, I do not believe it would be economical. At first thought it sounds like a good idea, however, castration does not get the sex offender the help he needs. Even if private parts are removed, it does not prevent the offender from offending. If he can not use his own body he will turn to beer bottles or other objects to use instead.

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