Castration of sex offenders: Would castration help relax public anxieties?

  • Yes, it would prevent reoffense.

    Yes, castration of sex offenders would help relax public anxieties, because it would make certain that they do not reoffend. It is unfair to the victims to consider the rights of the sex offender more than to consider the rights of the victims and the future victims. If castration would prevent someone else from being a victim, it is a positive thing for society.

  • 1. Castration for drunken peeing in public? 2. Just lock the door and throw away the key

    The question asker forgot to specify which sex offenders he is talking about or he seriously thinks streakers and people drunk and peeing in public deserve to be castrated.

    I have a better solution. For child molesters (serious child molesters not 18 year olds with their 17 year old boyfriends and girlfriends) and rapists they should go to jail for the rest of their life, period, no exceptions.

    Then we won't even need a public sex offender registry, they'll all be behind bars for good. And if they are in jail castration is a waste of money.

    Furthermore castration wouldn't work. Sexuality might not be the motivation, and furthermore some castrated men maintain some lessened degree of sexual desire.

    Also they might turn out not to be guilty later. Then what are you going to do?

  • No, It Is Unecessary

    No, it would not. Castration of sex offenders is an extreme reaction. Removing part of the anatomy of a sex offender is merely a punishment for crimes; rather, we should be treating sex assault as part of a larger mental health issue. Castration would not stop the mental desire for sexual assault, and would only serve to humiliate and harm the offender.

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