Catching Fire--Which is Better: Book (Yes) vs. Movie (No)?

Asked by: zebra183
  • I didn't think the books were that great

    I loved the first book, but the second and especially the third felt kind of 'off' to me. However, the film caught me. I was concentrated throughout the whole movie and it appealed to my emotions very much. Also, the arena pretty much looked like I'd imagined, so that's a pro :)

  • In my Opinion...

    The book I found slightly better than the movie. Sure many people might have different opinions which i understand. Here are my reasons.
    1- I thought Peeta was portrayed as weaker.
    2- Katniss was always saving Peeta from trouble.
    But i also loved the movie a lot, and they showed many scenes perfectly and captured the characters perfectly (other than Peeta)
    Apparently Susan Collins didn't have any say in this movie like the first one so it is different. Sure these are my opinions and you may have thought differently. Anyway i would love to hear you thoughts.

  • Yes the book

    I really enjoyed the movie but am I wrong when I say that they left out a pretty important part? Like maybe when Katniss found out that District 12 was rebelling against the capital and she ran away into the forest and found that crippled girl and her mother and they told her about District 13? Was that not important or what? Books are so much more detailed and I cant wait for this to go on DVD so I can hopefully find out why they took that out.

  • Books are always better

    The movie was amazing and Jennifer Lawrence is absolutely fantastic, but the books will always be better. They fully explain the entire district 13 problem where the movie glosses over it. The book is just so much more vivid with detail as well and the movie can only get you so far.

  • They are equal

    I thought the book and movie were equal. The movie included everything that was in the book and added some extra things. I love both, and I think they were even. This opinion is coming from a die hard hunger games fan. I just think that this particular movie, unlike other movies based on books, was pretty accurate to the book.

    Posted by: Zx32

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