CatDog: Are there any likable characters besides Cat, Dog, Lola, and Shriek???

Asked by: GeeWillikers
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  • Maybe the dumb one

    I thought the dumb dog in the greasers gave the show a lot of comic relief, especially in the episode where dog got amnesia and briefly became him. But the question was likable so I would have to say no. I would say i do not like many characters in the show. Even Cat was setup not to be likable. Don't get me started on Winslow.

  • Everyone is hatable.

    No one really seems to be likable. The only reason why shriek can be liked is because she has a crush on Dog, and one time she even quit being a greaser to ice skate. Really, i don't see any reason why any other characters besides the above would be likable.

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