Catholic Church contraception policy: Does contraception use degrade women's bodies?

  • Yes, it is not ideal.

    Yes, contraception use degrades women's bodies, because it can cause health problems. Sometimes women need to use contraception, but it is true that there are consequences that go along with the use of some contraception. For example, the pill can sometimes cause a stroke. It makes sense that contraception causes health problems, because God did not intend for us to use contraception. That is not to say that people shouldn't sometimes, but there are consequences associated with it.

  • No, It Does Not Degrade

    Women should have the right to control what goes on with their bodies. It is not the place of a church, a political entity, or anybody else to say what is or is not degrading to women. Assuming that women do not have the capacity to decide for themselves is much more degrading.

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