Catholic Church contraception policy: Does this Biblical passage support Church policy?

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  • No, there's no Biblical bases forbidding contraception.

    Various passages in the Hebrew and Christian scriptures can be used to validate anyone's opinions, even those of an organized religion. However, these texts were written in the context of a particular time and place to address certain questions of culture. They were not meant to deal with some of today's inventions, such as contraception.

  • No Biblical Evidence to Support Catholic Church's Contraception Policy

    There is no Biblical passage that supports the Catholic Church's stance on contraception. There is not a place in the Bible that says that married couples cannot be intimate and not try to conceive children. As long as the contraception is not harmful, people can wait to have children until they choose to. The often cited example of Genesis 38 is not actually about birth control at all. Instead, it is about rebellion and selfishness.

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