Catholic priest celibacy: Does celibacy hurt/help priests perform duties to the Church?

  • Celibacy hurts priests

    The policy of Catholic priests having to be conform to celibacy is hurtful to priests as a whole. It is natural for humans to have sexual urges and to be constantly denied, it must effect priests negatively. If priests were able to be in a committed, married relationship, it will benefit them greatly.

  • No, celibacy distracts the priests.

    No, celibacy does not help priests perform their duties to the Church, because they cannot perform their duties while they are distracted. Celibacy requirements also lead to a high level of abuse in the church, especially among young boys. The Church would be better off to relax this rule, so as to end suffering from victims, and allow priests to focus on other things, rather than the celibacy issue.

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