Catholic priest celibacy: Is it wrong to maintain the tradition of Catholic priest celibacy?

  • How Can Priests Counsel Married Couples?

    How can priests counsel married couples or normal couples if they, themselves, are not allowed to marry and have sex? With so many cases of pedophile priests over the past 15 years, the Catholic church should have figured it out by now--vows of celibacy aren't what's right. Humans are, by their very nature, sexual creatures. It's time to remove the stigma of celibate priests and do what is right.

  • Catholic priest celibacy is an outdated practice.

    I believe that catholic priest celibacy is an outdated practice that only causes problems to those in the priesthood. It should be an option if the person wants, but they should also be allowed to marry or date if they choose to. I believe that forcing someone to be celibate leads to deviant behavior.

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