Catholic priest celibacy: Would allowing priests to marry help/hurt Church finances?

  • Priests Marrying Would Help The Church

    Catholic priests who currently practice celibacy would benefit from marrying and it would not hurt the catholic church finances or its position in any way or form. The church would receive more support from its people and the church can expand its ideology and religious theology in better terms than it is currently.

  • It would stop lawsuites

    I often hear about priest involved in some wrong doing with a child. I know that generally when I hear this it involves a Catholic priest. Perhaps allowing a priest to get married and therefore fulfilling any sexual desire it would help prevent any sexual wrongdoing on the part of the priest. Am I saying every priest is guilty of this NO... not at all but the expence the church would have in supporting a wife i would think would outway the cost of covering over the sick warped act commited but those warped priest.

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