Catholics have properly interpreted the Bible as opposed to Protestants

  • Yes, because they don't put everything in the balance

    The Bible says you should not make a picture of your good and the Protestants are too accurate and say no pictures of god or any other Saint but the catholics interpret it more metaphoric. The Protestants say all this pictures would just hold back from the right beleave, but I think the complete opposite, all this pictures bring you more to god and the chuches of the catholics just look friendlier inside, in an evangelic
    church I think well I could have also go to a funeral. And the Prayer have always the same black clothes and their are no pilgrimages and the Blessed Vergin at least the mother of Jesus and without her wouldn' t be Jesus here is not from importance for them. I appreciate the work of Martin Luther but was it really neccesery to split the christian church?

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