• I honestly don't know.

    Cats take care of themselves, Only needing to be fed. But dogs are more attached to humans, While cats just demand pets. Cats can easily get rid of animal problems, Like gophers or mice. But dogs protect you from potential threats from another human being, While cats would just watch as you are getting robbed. To be honest, They both have their ups and downs. I've owned cats and dogs, And don't know which one is better.

  • I like dogs, But cats are better.

    They clean themselves, Can entertain themselves and they don't need to be walked or bathed. Dogs need to be walked and can't bathe themselves. They also need to be taken outside to go, But cats don't.
    Dogs are great and are more loyal companions, But cats can provide just as much companionship without being loud or smelly.

  • Dogs are the best

    Dogs are great. They help guide the blind the disabled etc. Have you ever heard of a guidance cat? No! Dogs also wake you up when there is a fire so if you have a cat fire? Well you might as well hope you get out alive. That is why dogs are so much better then cats.

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