• Cats are obviously better....

    ....THAN DOGS BECAUSE THEY CLEAN UP AFTER THEMSELVES. Also, they're so much cuter and quieter and not as high maintenance. Just give them food, water, and change their litter every week or so, and they'll practically survive on their own. You don't need to walk them, you're not required to give them treats, they bathe themselves, what more can you ask? Plus, cats occasionally do the cutest things, as shown: And not only this, but cats know how to share: HOW MUCH CUTER CAN YOU GET???? So obviously yeah, cats are so much better than dogs <3 :3 ^_^ Meow!

  • Cats are way better

    Cats are way better than dogs in many ways.First ,They rule the internet. They are also better pets than dogs. They are much calmer and very lovable. And they can also protect the house just as good as dogs. Cats also have better senses of sight, smell, and hearing. Cats are awesome

    Posted by: posy
  • Cats are better than dogs.

    Easy, there are more memes about cats than dogs? :)
    But generally i like both the same. Ummm.. There is no both so i said yes.

    Word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word

  • Cats are much better than dogs.

    Cats are so much easier to look after, all you have to do is feed them, give them water, occasionally play with them and if they've chosen you to hang out with then sometimes rub their bellies. Plus their the stars of the internet, I mean have you ever seen a cat climb into a pot! Also in ancient Egypt cats were considered gods, people even mummified them and buried them and dogs are just messy accessories people carry in hand bags and some are just way too big. Cats are also much better hunters than dogs while dogs just go for a walk with you to try and be friendly, on the inside dogs are freaky mad men who will attack you at any moment.

    SO GO KITTYS!!!!!!!

  • Cats are better

    I like cats and dogs the same, but objectively, cats are much better They don't cost a lot of money...Really... And they don't need much care and love than dogs. For busy modern people, who can't spend much time at home with their pets, cats are significantly better pets than dogs

  • Cats are better, at least to me.

    Cats are much better than dogs. While dogs are normally smelly, large, and loud, cats are the utter opposite. Cats are small, clean, and quiet. They're also easier to cuddle with, and they truly give you the love and affection when you're feeling down in the dumps. Two of my dogs were fighting to the point of blood being shed before, and I've been told that dogs could feel emotions/sense them. If that were true, the dogs would've possibly stopped if they actually sensed how much stress, panic, and depression I was under. My cat, though, comforted me when I was feeling upset. He isn't one to normally go up and lay down, cuddling with a person. Yet, that's what he did.

    Eh, everyone has their own opinion.

  • Cats are better.

    I prefer cats over dogs because they are loving and independent. While you DO feed them, they can, if needed, feed themselves. They are smaller than most dogs, so cuddling is easier. They are quieter, as evidenced by the "puppy alarm" at my home. They get rid of rodents and generally are pleasant unless treated badly.

  • Better all around

    Cats are cuter than dogs in almost all cases. Cats are cleaner than dogs, and require far less maintenance. However cats still love equally to dogs, and their love is less superficial because most cats dont love everyone they meet immediately (some do, but not most), so if they like you, it means they really like you.

  • Cats are Beautiful

    I like dogs, but on average, cats are just cuter. They have softer fur, cuter faces, as well as more vibrant personalities. Dogs, while nice, are loud, stinky, and worse with small kids and the elderly. I own 4 cats and a single dog, and there is a reason my household is set up in that way.

  • I prefer them.

    It's not that I don't like dogs, it's that I can get nervous around them when they jump. Also, cats can sense emotions and will calmly love on you and ask for love. Plus, there's no need for a fence, not so many cat laws. And on average, they don't have to go to the vet so much so they're easier to care for them.

  • It Depends ...

    If we are talking about kittens over puppies, I'd have to go with kittens, but if we are talking about adult I'd go with dogs. Seniors, well just cause I have good experience with them volunteering at an animal shelter, I'd go with senior cats. I rest my case :D

  • They Both are Good

    Dogs are better if you want a dog a to play or cuddle you can also walk them while they are playful they can be so obedient and loyal on the other hand cats are soft and calmer the are loyal to they will be ur inside friend and they learn faster with where you want them to go. They are both awesome pets....

  • Dogs are better in a lot of ways

    From what I see, the people that are agreeing that cats are better seem to be only doing so because they are "cuter" or you don't necessarily need to interact with them so much, like taking them for a walk or having to bathe them, or even have to play with them so much. Which doesn't even sound like a benefit. If you don't have to or need to do that stuff, whats the fun in having a cat? Is it interesting to just have them laying down all day, not even acknowledging your existence? Sure, you do need to clean up after dogs, but who cares? You have to clean up after a cat too. Like if they are an inside cat, you have to clean their litter boxes, clean up any mess they make after getting into your stuff, maybe even give them a bathe once in a while if they are stinky. Dogs, protect homes. Not cats. I can only imagine a burglar breaking into my home and my two cats running away to hide under the sofa. But I can sure as hell rely on my three dobermans to attack the guy. I'm sure only few cats have ever attacked a man breaking into a home, from what I've seen on the internet. You can actually have fun with your dog, teach it some nifty tricks, play fetch with it. I don't know why people think that because dogs are obedient, they are automatically stupid and needy. This isn't true. It is stupid of people to think this way. I'm going to be honest, a lot of the arguments on the left side are ridiculous and make weak points. All I see is that people are saying cats are cuter, which just doesn't cut it. Yes, I do have cats, and I don't hate them, I love them. My dogs just happen to have much more benefits than my cats.

  • On balance, are dogs really better than cats?

    While the definition of "cute" and "better" is entirely subjective, the majority of objective points suggest that dogs are superior pets to cats. First of all, dogs are much, much more capable of protecting their owners in that they can bark significantly louder (by around 30 decibels), are much more physically powerful, and generally more loyal (due to the independent nature of most household cats). Another point that should be noted, however, is that cats cost much less to keep than dogs. However, in my own subjective opinion, I've been hurt many times in encounters with felines, so I can't say I'm too fond of them. On balance, though, I think in terms of money and risk (i.E. Dogs have a higher potential of killing people), cats are the way to go as loyalty and happiness are both subjective measurements.

  • Dogs have more benefits.

    I have both dogs and cats, and I find that dogs are much more better in most ways than felines. They can cheer a person up if they are depressed or sad. They are a great companion, unlike cats who just sit and stare at you all day. You can teach them nifty tricks like fetch, or shake, and many more. From what I see, cats are only winning because people believe they are "cuter" and basically you don't have to clean up after them so much or interact a lot. Which is sad in a sense because you don't have as much fun with them. Dogs are also great protectors, cats... Not so much. I can only imagine a cat hiding under a sofa if people were to break into a home. Of course, little dogs would also probably do this, honestly. And although i do love my cats, I'm sure they don't love me the same way back. I have one cat that only acts decent towards us when we are feeding him. For the most part, I think a lot of felines see their owners only as food providers, and this is not based on only the cats i own. Anyway, this decision is based on people's opinions, I still don't think cats are better only because there were a couple more people who agreed and had weak arguments in this thread.
    Sorry if some parts were a little messy, I'm learning to get better in English.

  • They Both Rock

    I equally love cats and dogs so while I am posting for the no side it may SEEM as though I am ONLY a dog lover it is really because I love them both, cats and dogs, the same, so I don't think cats are BETTER. Don't take me the wrong way--love cats! But also love dogs! The exact same amount of love!

  • No Way, Dogs are Amazing

    Cats are annoying little animals that scratch meow and lick themselves which drives me insane!!! Also dogs can do so much more unlike cats (who just get fed and scratch things) dogs can benefit the community. They can help police stations search for illegal things also at the airport. They also help the blind! What's not to love!! They are amazing!!!

  • In terms of what?

    As pets? If that's the case, I prefer dogs. Canines tend to be more social animals than felines (not always), which is almost always the case in our domesticated species. This allows for them to develop deeper bonds and makes them more easily trainable.

    Dogs are also useful in a wider variety of tasks - protection, retrieving (hunting), guiding (for the blind), alerting people to otherwise dangerous circumstances, etc.

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