Cavaliers 116, Raptors 112: Can the Cavs win the championship a second time?

  • Yes, they can.

    They have some great players and have proved from their record this season that they are still as good as, if not a better team than they were last year. The Cavs did really well against the Raptors in their most recent game, and the fact that it was close does not mean they have slipped.

  • Yes they can bag the championship for the second time.

    It will not be a surprise if Cavaliers Cleveland win the championship for the second time. They have shown shown this by winning the most crucial games and proving the pundits wrong, the win against Raptors was one of them. Lets wait and see what LeBron James and the other boys have in store for us.

  • They are good

    The Cavaliers are one of the best teams in the NBA this year, and they certainly have what it takes to win. However, there are other teams that might even be as good if not better. When playing in the playoffs, a lot of things can happen, changing the entire outcome. They just have to hang in there and win, win, win.

  • The Raptors are hungry.

    Statistically, most organizations do not win many championships multiple years in a row. Players age. They also get injured from time to time. In the end, new teams come along that are more hungry to with the national title. These teams play with adrenaline, and it is hard for the incumbent to keep up.

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