Caviar as the new luxury condiment for an otherwise ordinary meal: Would you order a taco or burger that comes topped with caviar?

  • For the novelty of it

    If it wasn't too expensive I would try a caviar burger or caviar taco. It would be expensive I'm sure and I'm not sure what price I would put it as. It depends on my budget at the time. But I'd be interested in trying that sort of thing out.

  • Not into fish eggs.

    Caviar is something that should be treated like the delicacy that it is. There is no reason other than extravagance that one would need to put something like caviar onto everyday items. Just because something costs a lot of money and only the richest can afford it does not mean that you should try to increase sale prices by putting it on everything on your menu.

  • No, I would not.

    I don't find caviar all that impressive to be honest. I also think it would be a huge waste of money to pay an increased price for a small condiment. I am also not sure if the caviar was ethically sourced and if it caused harm to the sea creatures. Overall I will not be partaking.

  • No Caviar Tacos

    I like caviar but it does not belong on tacos and burgers. Burgers and tacos are good by themselves. Adding caviar would make them more expensive, but hardly improve their flavor. It is just a fad to show off that you can afford caviar. It will also help restaurants increase their profits.

  • No, I would not.

    I do not like caviar. I don't need a luxury meal a taco or burger is enough for me. You don't need all the extra stuff and expense. People waste so much money on stuff that you do not need. If more people would stop spending on stuff that they do not need they would be better off.

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