Celebrities are not good role models for children

  • With few exceptions.

    At one time, Celebrities had morals clauses that prohibited various things that gave a poor image to sponsors or others who paid them. Breaking the rules of the contract could have various repercussions from a fine to being black balled from the industry. The intent was to protect their employer from public moral outrage. Problem is, As various celebrities came to the end of their career, They had nothing to loose so are willing to do or say just about anything for one more chance in the spotlight. They just want to get their messed up message across to add shock value and don't care about how it effects children.

  • Celebrities are not good role models for children.

    Celebrities are not good role models because childrens can learn bad words. They learn sware words and they look celebrities drug. Children can teach bad words that they saw. It makes that celebrities image badder. That is the reason that I think that celebrities are bad role models for children.

  • The understatment of the century

    Possibly satanic hollywood is a sewer like moths to a flame our socieites narcccisists are drawn to this degenrate place to indulge their decadence look at harvey weinstien what decent women would let that slug tough her, I'm not even sure he was human probalby one of those lizard aliens, Hollyywood should be vaporized like sodom and gomorrah god will have his judgemrnt on these wicked wicked rich people

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