Celebrities encourage voting: Does a vote really count in the United States?

  • Think about it like this...

    If no one voted in the United States, than we would have no winners. So, a vote really does count in the US, as, if everyone just said "my vote won't count, so I just won't do it", than no one would vote. That's why I get upset when people say they won't vote for third perties "because they won't win."

  • Yes, a vote really does count.

    Yes, a vote really does count in the United States. This presidential election is likely to be one of the closest in modern history. Some important battleground states might be decided by just a few thousand votes. Therefore, every vote counts in this election. Your vote might help push a candidate over the top.

  • Yes, one vote really does count in the United States.

    While many people debate the value of their vote, due to the use of the electoral college, many underestimate the power their vote has with in the electoral college. The electoral college itself is made up of the votes of thousands of individuals. Former President, Rutherford B. Hayes, won his presidential campaign by only one single vote.

  • Voting always counts in the United States

    Yes, individual votes really count in the United States. It is easy to develop the idea that an individual vote isn't really significant because there are so many of us. It's like individual drops of water in an ocean. No, one drop does not change an entire wave, but the absence of that drop could change the ocean.Voting is a right and a responsibility. It is a way of saying, "hey, I'm here and yes I matter." It helps us to be informed and involved in our country.

  • Only the powerful have a say.

    Not very many people voted for Trump and Clinton in the primaries. Yet, they are the nominees because that is what the politically powerful decided would happen. Votes don't matter. It is a few elite people with a lot of power and money that decide what happens to everyone else. Voting just makes people think they are free.

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