Celebrities should be positive role models...[I have to go against, which says that "they need not be positive role models"]

Asked by: AkshayaM
  • They tend to have a huge influence on people

    With whatever level of fame they have, celebrities influence the public in some way, whether it's with their style, behaviour, opinions etc, and it's all thanks to magazines and social media. Their fans are likely to look at them and take inspiration, especially children and teenagers, who are very impressionable. I think celebrities need to acknowledge the amount of influence they have and think about who they're affecting, because if not, they could lead young people the wrong way. I don't mean to say that they should stop doing what they want or refrain from doing dumb but fun things, but if they do act stupidly or irresponsibly, they should at least own up to it and recognise that it wasn't the best thing to do, which would then actually make them someone to look up to.

  • Apart from following the law, celebrities have no special responsibility to be good role models.

    Celebrities have a responsibility to follow the law just like all the rest of us. But that is where it ends.

    Just because they are famous does not mean that they are required to be any better or worse than the rest of us. They can do what they please within the confines of the law regardless of whether we consider it good behavior or not.

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