Celebrities use twitter to comment on the election: Do celebrity comments help people to come to terms with their own thoughts and beliefs?

  • yes, this is true.

    It is true to say that the celebrities comments on social media will help people to come to terms with their own thoughts and beliefs. Celebrities have gone to twitter to comment on election and this is a good sign. Just as the people look and envy the celebrities, is the same way that they will do adhere to there comments.

  • It's nice to have their input.

    It's helpful to have the input of celebrities, because they are often the leaders of society. Hearing what they have to say can make people think on a personal level if they can relate to what they are saying. It's also fun to personally interact with celebrities. People can decide for themselves whether to change their minds based on what a celebrity says.

  • Sometimes they do

    People tend to gravitate towards expressions of their own beliefs. If a celeb tweets something and it's expressed in a way that resonates with the viewer, it does often spark thoughts or an internal or external discussion of beliefs. Seeing something you agree with leads to re-tweets and maybe additional discussions.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    The celebrites is in the business of affecting how and what people think. To believe that people are able to disregard everything they perceive in the entertainment media because the scenarios presented aren't literally "true," or because they are loosely staged simulations of reality (as in "reality" shows), we would also have to believe that people disregard all messages in advertising, since ads commonly present actors and models in simulated situations. But that is simply not how the human mind works.

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