Celebrity Drinks: Is Danny Devito's Limoncello a Pleasant Exception to the Long List of Celebrity Marketing Model?

  • Yes, it is a quality product.

    Yes, I feel that Danny Devito's Limoncello is a step above other standard products and spirits promoted by celebrities. The name alone is enticing. Then look at the marketing being done, and it's clear that a lot of love and pride went into the making of this drink. I'd like to try it!

  • Yes Danny Devito is awesome.

    Danny Devito might not have the looks or height of other stars, but he is a survivor with many successful series under his belt. This is with good reason. Devito is hilarious and I applaud Limoncello for capitalizing on the stature of this beautiful man with a heart of gold.

  • Danny Devito's "Limoncello" sounds delicious.

    I think Danny Devito's "Limoncello" is a lovely addition to the list of celebrity products. I personally haven't tried it but it sounds wonderful. I would definitely give it a try if it were available in my area. Celebrities are coming out with their own lines every day. From perfumes and clothing, to foods and beverages, they nearly cover the market with product. I think Devito's product should fair quite nicely.

  • Just another guy slinging drinks

    It's sort of cool for Danny DeVito that he has his own 'brand' of drink, but it's just another celebrity endorsement for a famous guy in the right place at the right time. There's no reason that the drink should be any better or worse than the slew of similar brands that are already sitting on the shelves.

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