Celebrity nude photos hacked: Can you trust backing up your phone to the cloud?

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  • That is scary

    But I think im in the safe zone. I don't save any photo's that I wouldn't want people to see, but if I did I wouldn't back them up on the cloud! That's just too iffy! Then again I'm also not some high profile celebrity that should be worried about that stuff either.

  • ICloud is an accident waiting to happen

    Backing up to the cloud is basically like putting up a billboard for all to see. I do not think it is a safe method for storing information. Case in point are the celebrity nude photos. Anything stored in " space" is susceptible to anyone getting ahold of it. It is a hackers dream.

  • No you shouldd not

    I feel that you should never trust anything like a cell phone or email to put personal pictures of yourself. In this day when so many things are hacked all the time, I would never trust something as personal as nude pictures. As a Celebrity I feel that it is just asking for trouble and that you should not take the chance.

  • No, I think the internet is unsafe as an whole.

    No, I think the Internet is unsafe as an whole. I think if you put anything on the Internet anywhere then its up for grabs. I love the different tools they have like the clod but its just not safe. I think hackers are just too sophisticated to have a safety area anywhere.

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