Cell Phone Tracking Devices: Should police departments use them to successfully prevent crime and acts of terrorism?

  • Police departments shouls use tracking devices to fight crime

    Police departments should use cell phone tracking devices in order to prevent criminal and terrorism acts. Law enforcement should be able to use the latest technology in order to fight crime, including preventing it before it happens. This can provide a window into the future and prevent terrible acts from occurring.

  • They should be used within reason.

    I have no problem with cell phone tracking devices being used for just cause and within reason. However, I believe that the police need to get warrants, and not just be able to track anyone's phone. If tracking a phone can prevent terrorist attacks, I am all for it. Terrorists do not have the right to privacy.

  • Yes, they should.

    Police should use these types of devices, but only after obtaining a warrent, and only when they already suspec that someone may commit a crime or a terrorist act. There are warrents that do not require the suspect to be notified and such a warrent would be appropriate in these cases.

  • No Police Departments Should Not Prevent Terrorism Through Invasive Measures

    First, even though it may be possible to use a cell phone tracking device to prevent acts of terrorism, the price is too high. Such an invasive method of crime fighting comes at the cost of our privacy. One of the pillars of our way of life is the First Amendment. Freedom of speech is a privilege enjoyed by every citizen of the United States. Using our phones for work or social connection is a way of life. Knowing that 'Big Brother' is listening in on our every word might make it difficult for people to truly express themselves. Some might say, "I have nothing to hide so listen away!" However, what if your words were misconstrued? What if you said something sarcastically but it was taken literally and then you were penalized for something you hadn't actually meant?

    Secondly, there is the monetary cost of using said tracking devices. Sure, phone apps are a dime a dozen and easy to install. The cost of developing such a piece of software would probably not cost much. However, once the devices started recording information, then would begin the task of sifting through millions of phone users words and conversations to see if there might be something threatening there. This could be done by computers but a computer is not fool proof. A computer cannot differentiate tone of voice or context outside of the conversation. It would require human workers and human workers must be paid.

    In summation, the infringement on our freedom of speech and in taxpayer dollars makes the price of using cell phone tracking devices too high.

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