Cell phones in schools: Are cell phones useful in emergency situation?

  • Phones are useful in school

    What if there was a school shooting or a flooding and there was no way to get to the office because either the shooter will see you or the flood is to high. You could use your cell phone to contact 911 or a parent. That's why phones are useful

  • Phones are awesome

    We should have phones in school because if we have a fire in a school or someones shooting or a gas leek or something than we could just call are parents or a relative for a ride. If you have a brake in then we could just call the cops. That's what I think.

  • My arguing statement

    Cell phones are needed during school hours because if their is something going on at the school, like a shooting, then the students and adults should make contact or etc. to an emergency number. Plus, students should have more free time on them for a classwork assignment. My opinion counts.

  • Yes Yes Phone

    We believe that phones should be in schools for emergences and school events (including after school activities). For example When there is practise for school events , you have to contact your parents, if there is no phones in school you have to get a teacher to call your parents and if everyone are in need of a phone then it will just be a long unnecessary work for everyone. That is why i think you should be allowed to bring phones to school

  • The phone is important. By Warin and Yemin.

    The phone was invented to communicate with a people, for example in and emergency situation you would use your cell phone or phone to call our parents. And also in most of the schools in the world most students have 3G or WiFi this is to search anything we can search on the internet for research. Phones also can be useful for last minute calls, for example when you have a last minute sport event or you need to stay after school to study you can call your parents or guardians with a phone. But the problem is adults or teachers see it as as we getting distracted but adults need to understand the a phone is used in many ways the see it has a way of entertainment to play game and social media, but that is not all true it is use for many things and for example again it is use to research and also take pictures of notes so we can remember them when we have a test or an exam. Phones are useful in many ways this is way I think that phones should be allowed in schools.

  • A Cell Phone can save a life!

    Just imagine, you are in school and a student suddenly takes out a gun or weapon and tries to harm you or other students. You could immediately call for help without moving from the spot, and you could even call an important department, like the police and the problem is solved all thanks to your cell phone.

  • Yes for cellphones!!

    It is a good idea for kids to bring the cellphone to school. If their is an emergency the school wont be able to call all of the students parents. The parents probably wont check their e-mails either. If a child brings their cellphone to school then they can alert their parents straight away. Students should have their cellphones off or on silent during class. They should only be used in emergences. They could be added in ICT classes for anti bullying and safety online.

  • Cell phone are useful

    Yes, when your children got any accident or something went wrong, they can just call you. Also if your children forgot something from home, they can just call you. Maybe your children went to sleep over night with their friends, and you want to know when they want you to pick them.

  • Cell phone are useful

    Yes, when your children got any accident or something went wrong, they can just call you. Also when your children forgot something from home, they can just call you. Maybe your friend went to sleep over night with their friend, and you want to know when they want you to pick them.

  • Families Need Some Privacy :)

    I think we should be able to leave our cell phones on vibrate just in case our parents call to tell us something important and personal. There are some things families want to keep private. Because the phone is on vibrate, it won't really interrupt the class. A lot of people need their privacy and the school doesn't really need to know everything. Most families have problems that would be better off without anyone else knowing, nevertheless the school.

  • Yes and No they are useful

    Cell phones are useful during school if you have an emergency. They are not useful because people that have them want to get on them and text, play games, snap-chat, Facebook and lots of other things. If you are on the phone 24/7 then it will take away from your learning. If people are improperly educated then they will not be able to get good jobs. Or they will be unemployed and we have enough unemployment in our country already. From a 13 year old

  • Not really Useful: William and Sky

    I think that having phones in schools are a bad idea because when teachers are trying to teach the class the students are on their phones procrastinating in class and not paying attention which can affect the students grade substantially. I am not saying that phones are not allowed however as they are useful in the school campus, as they allow parents to be able to contact the students directly in a state of emergency but phones could already be on campus so maybe having phones may not be suck a good idea.

  • No, it's a place for education.

    Even if it was on vibration, it will still distract the whole class. It doesn't mean that they will get an emergency call everyday. Parents or whoever wants to call can contact the school. School will allow them to talk and doesn't mean they have to know their personal problems. Also, this way it won't distract other students or the teacher. Students have their own time during lunch or recess so phone shouldn't be allowed during class. If they want privacy they should make an appointment first and make the call on the time they decided to. They should also tell the teacher and have the permission to do so.

  • Students don't need phones

    Students don't need phones. In an emergency situation, parents can contact the school via telephones or cell phones FROM HOME. There is no need for a student to carry a cell phone. Most cell phones are considered status symbols and are used not for emergencies but for playing games, things such as Facebook and Twitter etc.

    I, personally, have never seen a cell phone used in school for an emergency and believe that if cell phones are needed in schools, it should not be in the hands of students. It should be in the hands of the schools' authorities.

  • Emergency My Bum.

    Pupils don't use it for emergencies, they can be reached either by the office or the principal. They provide their teachers lies about bringing their phone to school. It disrupts the environment of the classroom, disturbing other pupils while they are having an educational experience. All in all, EMERGENCIES MY BUM. All emergencies should and will be contacted through the office.

  • Cell phones can be used in emergencies...

    But they're never actually used as an emergency device. Of course cell phones can be used to prevent such things as shootings and reporting crimes but how often have they been used in that way? Cell phones aren't used as phones any more. Cell phones are computers, social networking and playing games.

  • Kids wont use them for that

    Most kids arent gonna use them in emergencies, most kids are gonna be texting in class or playing a game or checking social networks. They dont have an emergency, if their is one, they will be notified and have no reason to have a cell phone at all, because it wont be used for that.

  • Kids don't need them for that

    Students can be reached by their parents if the situation warrants it, that's what the office and intercom systems are for. While it is technically true that cell phones are useful in emergencies, students shouldn't have their phones in school. Other things can handle the one useful purpose that they'd have there.

  • Well it is a no

    You can not just bring it you could have some one in you house and you could not even see it so can the light off your phone or he or she will see it and you are to young to die you feel me and you know that so that is why you should NOT

  • Downsides outweigh benefits, only teachers should.

    Most of the "Yes" arguments I've seen use an emergency as premises to have a phone in school. The thing is, with fires there's the almighty fire alarm, and with other things, the teachers are perfectly capable of calling the police or a rescue team. Students, however, use every opportunity to take out their phones and ignore the teacher. I'm one of very few, maybe even the only, kid in my high school without a phone. I don't particularly want one either, because I don't want to get addicted like everyone else. Also, many of the pro side arguments have bad spelling, verb tense, and usage of incomplete participles. Maybe you should be paying attention in class instead of being on your phones.

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