Cell phones in schools: Could mobile phones be used as an educational tool in the classroom?

  • Yes Students must be allowed to use

    Students don't need to take a notepad, calculator or dictionary with them all the time. Instead they can take a phone as all in one device. And teachers don't need to answer a plethora of questions instead simply ask the students to Google for a better answer. The applications which are specially designed for the students help them to build their vocabulary, improve the math skills and so on.

  • Cell phones are good in classrooms

    I think you can use cell phones in case of emergencies for example there could be a flood or a gas leak or a shooting there could also be someone injured and you need to help but you have no phone to call 911. This why i think you should have a phone in school

  • Yes they should

    They should have it as a learning tool, because if they forget something at home like notes or something like that, they can use their phones as a notepad and take notes in class so they don't miss anything important. So let kids have their cell phones in class people.

  • Cell phones can be very beneficial within the classroom

    Cell phones (with limited use) can help said student with homework, research, and even online learning. With the new smart phones having internet access, students can reach new spectrums of learning from around the world. Cell phones can be distracting, but when use is limited they are VERY beneficial for learning

  • Look at the possibilities

    Sure they can be a disruption to class but they can be silenced. Kids mature enough (middle school and over) should be allowed to use them but not elementary. If they get caught the teacher can take it away. It saves money for the school. Plus, you can take notes on it and do everything normally done on a computer easier. The teacher won't have to schedule a time in the computer lab.

  • Phones can be very educational

    Phones can be used as research projects if the school doesn't have computers or tablets. Phones may be disruptive in class but just put them on silent and pull them out when the teacher asks or if you're researching something and she/he never said anything about phones than raise your hand and ask. I bet if you ask a lot of people had the same question just didn't have the nerve to ask.

  • Yes, they save money!

    Yes, cellphones can be a "disruption" but they can save money on the expensive tbooks and tools thta schools have to buy. So they are not a "disruption" they can be placed on their desks in view of the teacher so they know kids are learning not texting. It also can open up a social world for students, students can get each others numbers so if someone is absent you can just text and call them to make sure they didnt skip out and to see why. If a kid forgot their homework they can call home without that long line at the office or classroom phone.

  • Yes, they would engage students.

    Yes, mobile phones could be used as an educational tool in the classroom, because they are a way that students communicate. The teacher could play a game where students text the answer. Students could share information about a project via text. A teacher could also text information to keep students engaged. This would be a good way to communicate with students on their level.

  • As long other services are locked.

    Since a lot of jobs give their employees cell phones to carry around strictly for their job, I suppose it wouldn't be a huge issue for students to be able to use cell phones in school for educational purposes only. Perhaps each student is assigned a cell phone with a number, and they can do course work on the phone individually.

  • Cell phones create a discriminating environment for students.

    Although cell phones can be used productively, There are many students who cannot afford to buy these productive devices. When a teacher asks his or her students to take out their cell phones, The students without cell phones have a spotlight shone on them verbally. Someone with a phone could verbally and mentally tell someone off because they don't have a phone, And this is unfair.

  • They are like bain not bon in school.

    Students should not use mobile phones in school because it distracts them,it produces a kind of discrimination as some students can't afford expensive phone, phone can be lost too, students are also engaged on chatting and browsing rather than studying, selfie is trending now too .So it should not be used in school.

  • They shouldn't be used as a tool

    Cell phones are ment for calling they should not be used as a tool even if the services are locked. Phones are meant for calling not using in the classroom. The school doesn't let kids they shouldn't let the teacher. The kids are able to change things without passwords thats my argument

  • Mobile phones should not be used as an educational tool in the classroom.

    Mobile phones should not be used as an educational tool in the classroom. Students should not be allowed to use cell phones in class. They are just a disruption for the class and the teachers trying to teach the class. Cell phones have their place but a classroom is not one of those places.

  • No they are a bad idea

    Cell phones in the class room are not a good idea. Technically yes they could be used for education but the risks on the other side are too great. Likely they are going to detract too many people from paying attention in the class room and nothing will get accomplished.

  • No. i do not believe that Cell phones can be used as educational tools in the classroom.

    No. i do not believe that Cell phones can be used as educational tools in the classroom, because it would be to much of distraction in the mist of a lesson plan. However I do believe that cell phones can be used as a reward for students with good behavior who have finished all of their work.

  • More distracting than good

    While there are apps and features of phones that may be helpful and educational, I believe it is best for a student to use those on his or her own time. If granted access to their phones, even if soley for educational purposes, students will end up getting distracted and it will do more harm than good.

  • No Classroom Cellphones

    Cell phones replaced the land line telephone. Cell phones are not replacing the educational tools such as computers and other means of communication equipment such as projectors, for an example. Schools do not allow student phones in the classroom which is why cell phones should not be used as a tool..

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