• They should be banned from being out; hey serve no non-distracting purpose that school equipment can't provide; keep them stowed!

    Cellphones as it is are lowering the intelligence of individuals in every environment, From the use of bad grammar and excessive emojis, To teaching people how to be rude and inconsiderate, Because they are more anonymous than in-person. With or without social media or other extra features, Cellphones are just one more thing messing with the education system, Like standardized testing and close-minded ways of teaching. Any need to use the internet for classwork can be provided by the internet on a school computer, And any need to access a cellphone for an emergency can be in the form of getting it out of your backpack, Or wherever the class policy designates it's storage. People may argue that computers offer just as many distractions, But there are ways to fix that as well. As far as with cellphones, The best solution for actually meaningful education is keeping them away from the learning environment.

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Fairly-Debatable says2019-08-23T01:17:50.027
I accidentally typed "they" as "hey", And there seems to be no way to edit my answer. . .

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