Cellular phones should be allowed for students in school

  • Yes, But with a caveat.

    As a public school teacher, I actually advocate for the conditional use of personal technology in the classroom. I feel that a teacher should still have the authority to ban the use of cell phones in his or her classroom if the phones prove to be an unmanageable disruption, But I feel that students should be permitted to use their phones in school provided that they allow their phone to be modified by the district's tech department and fitted with appropriate filters or monitoring software to ensure that student use of the device is compliant with school policy while being used on campus.

    While I can understand the concerns for privacy and personal property, They don't really apply in this situation. You also have the right to own a gun, But cannot bring it to school. If you try to bring it to school, It will be taken and you'll likely get arrested. If you don't want the school messing with your cell phones and making them safe to use at school, Which allows teachers to teach students how to use them safely and productively, Then just leave them at home. . .

  • Cell Phones are a way for teachers to involve students in class and for students to get information

    There are multiple times that my class has used cell phones in order to supplement our classroom learning, Through Kahoot, Quizlet Live, Or just using it for research. I see no problem with students having the ability to readily access information in class. Also, Banning cell phones from school would cause additional issues with students who had before- or after-school activities and would not be able to contact parents from those activities.

  • Cellular phones are only used for distraction.

    Cellular phones as a whole basis would only be used by the majority of the teenagers for texting and noneducational purposes. Schools having a cellphone ban are teaching students before they go to college to keep their phones away while they learn in the classroom.

    The advancement of technology over the years have allowed students to not need their cellphones in the classroom environment, Such as the use of school tablets that only allow educational items to be used, And monitor computers for more bigger projects such as presentations.

    Cellphones at this point in time are not needed in a schooling environment, And never were truly needed to begin with.

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