Censorship: Can censorship be justified in the context of free speech?

  • People will have their rights until they infringe on someone else's rights

    If you infringe on someone else's rights some of your freedoms will go away. In this case it is censoring some of your speech if you are using hate speech . I need twenty more words but I don't have any thing else to say, so please don't mind these last few words

  • We live in a different world than our founding fathers.

    In the time of our founding fathers, profanity and such was not used like it is today. There is only so much tolerance to be given until someone goes off the deep end in the most extreme ways. If we can not censor the especially bad things in the media, they should at least be restricted.

  • Yes, if it is hate speech.

    Just as we are not allowed to start a riot or stampede by yelling out that there is a fire or another danger in a crowd of people, so we should not be free to speak hate in public places. That is an instigation to violence and something we can not tolerate in a free society.

  • Yes there are times for censorship

    Censorship can be justified in the context of free speech because the freedom of speech is only granted as long as you are not harming other individuals. If you cross the line and the words are hurting others then censorship needs to be used in order to protect the rights of others.

  • Brady Is Right

    It is fine for me to say what I want and if you don't like it you can share your opinion. And if something really ticks you off do something about. It is a proven fact that the more you tell someone not to do something the more likely they are going to do it.

  • Free speech is all that it is cracked up to be

    I don't believe in censorship however I do believe in good taste. While I may not agree with others opinions or even feel that some opinions are so obscene that they are not worth defending, freedom of speech is. It keeps this nation from tyranny and oppression. Power will always reside with the people as long as freedom of speech is allowed. We can stand up to power without feeling in danger. However this right is at risk even in seemly free forums such as these.

  • Censorship is the Opposite of Free Speech

    I believe it is impossible to justify censorship when compared to the definition of free speech. Censorship makes it impossible for people to form their own opinions and it can be used as a method to force people into a way of thinking. Free speech and censorship do not coincide, they are opposites.

  • Censorship Cannot Be Justified

    No, censorship cannot be justified, especially in the context of the freedom of speech. The freedom of speech is one that should be defended with the utmost vigor. Censorship, in any form, causes this freedom to be infringed upon. Thus, the freedom of speech should be defended and censorship cannot be justified.

  • Censorship opposite of free speach

    Censorship is sometimes necessary, but it cannot be justified in the context of free speech. Free speech should almost always be protected in order that we can maintain our rights. Censorship is needed though when it comes to privacy or security. However, we should not step over the boundaries for this.

  • Censorship Is Almost Never Justified

    Without a doubt, censorship doesn't make sense when you consider freedom of speech in this country. Only the most hateful or corrupting speech should be censored in any form. Otherwise, freedom of speech should trump censorship more often than not. Our country was founded on the principle of freedom of speech after all.

  • Censorship Cannot Be Justified

    I do not believe that censorship can be justified in the context of free speech. Free speech would not matter at all if it was censored because no one could read about or hear about ideas that may be considered unpopular at the time. For instance, what if Martin Luther King, Jr.'s freedom of speech or expression were censored? People did think what he was saying was dangerous and many people did not like it, but if it were not for him exercising his right to free speech, America would be a very different place today.

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