Censorship: Does censorship of certain data lead to more censorship in future?

  • It can if nobody is asking "why"

    Censorship does not automatically lead to future censorship, but that's a risk people are taking if they don't demand explanation as to why something was censored. Some things simply have no place in society (or at least parts of it) but if somebody has censored something without any clear purpose or intent, their purpose or intent is probably one that should be worrisome and a potential future problem.

  • Censorship begets censorship.

    Limitations placed on citizens often begin with small infractions on their civil liberties and then continue to grow into bigger ones with the smaller ones being used as precedents for why the bigger ones should be allowed. Although all things written and spoken may not be within the realm of popular opinion, popular opinion is not always right just because it is popular. Without the ability to voice descent on occasion, change could never occur.

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