Censorship: Is the government being hypocritical by censoring material?

  • Unless It's Classified, Don't Censor It

    The government shouldn't censor anything unless it is classified information that can lead to the direct harm of Americans. Censorship isn't the job of government in a free society where the exchange of ideas is encouraged by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Censorship by the American government is hypocritical when it comes to non-classified material.

  • American Is Not What It Should Be

    I believe the government is often being hypocritical when censoring material or just about any other action it follows. For the most part many American people disagree with decisions the United States government is making on a daily basis, yet this opposition is quickly crushed. When we tried to protest with Occupy Wall Street we were threatened with prison time and pushed out by our own government and the corporations. The United States was not built on values that supported censoring of information, as our government does now, and the common people of America do not support censorship.

  • The government is being hypocritical by censoring material.

    The government is being hypocritical by censoring material. They are basically telling people that they can do it and the American public cannot. This is not right and they should not be allowed to do this. I think they should stop trying to censor anything and start telling people the truth.

  • Yes, the government should not control the people.

    Yes, the government is being hypocritical by censoring material, because it is not up to the government to control what people see. It is scary to think that the government has a right to control people's thoughts by controlling what they read. Government does not have the right to determine what people see and think by controlling their thoughts.

  • Censorship is not up to the Government!

    The government has no right to censor ANYTHING! That is not what they are elected to do by the people who pay taxes and cast votes to put them in office! They need to sign off on making such decisions each and every time with the electorate! Representation involves those represented and censorship is not part of the deal! We live in a democracy and censorship and democracy do not go hand in hand!

  • Some things should not be shared

    No, I do not believe that the government is hypocritical because they censor certain material. National security the safety of troops in other countries are sometimes at stake. When these things are components, then some information should be censored. Things are kept secret for their own reasons and that should be enough.

  • No they are not.

    The government is not being hypocritical by censoring material because that material needs to be censored for our kids. We do not want to expose them to too much real world issues at a young age that could scare them and frighten them plus they can not be exposed to too much violence or adult natured videos either so the censors are a good thing.

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