Censorship of gangsta rap: Does gangsta rap incite criminality?

  • Yes, it perverts reality.

    Yes, gangsta rap incites criminality, because it teaches people to commit crimes. Gangsta rap glorifies people who commit crime. These songs talk positively about hurting, robbing, and killing others, and even glorifies punishments, like going to prison. People commit crimes because they want to be like the people they hear rapping in songs.

  • If you censor gangsta rap, you also have to censor all movies that contain sex or violence.

    I believe that people should be responsible for their own
    actions. Music can’t make someone do
    anything. Gangsta rap is no more
    influential than any other type of music or media. The most convincing evidence of this is that
    the conditions of life that gangsta rappers rap about existed before the
    invention of gangsta rap.

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