• Mining is inherently dangerous, but still necessary.

    Mining of any kind is dangerous work. Miners go to work daily knowing their lives are on the line. Explosions, fires, collapses, ventilation failure, not to menton the effects it can have on their health just from mining over many years. Despite the dangers the demand for resources obtained from mining make it a necessary industry.

  • Yes, it is a dengerous affair.

    Mining remains a very dangerous economic activity, deaths and destruction of property is the order of the day in mining areas. Open mining, deep sea mining and underground mining, the story is the same. A month can not go without reports of a collapsed mine or a fire outbreak followed by reports of deaths caused the same.

  • Yes, mining coal is too dangerous.

    We really need to be looking at sustainable energy sources such as solar power. Coal has been an energy source for hundreds of years, and many towns depend on the mines for the local economy. However, we are delaying the inevitable. Sooner or later, fossil fuels will be exhausted and we will need to come up with solutions fast.

  • It has been around for a long time.

    No, mining is not too dangerous, because mining is safe most of the time. Today, people in the mining industry have become very good at using precautions to make sure that they are safe when they make efforts to mine underground. Statistically, mining as an industry is safe. Most people work in it their entire lives without harm.

  • Mining is dangerous but necessary

    We still need to mine to obtain many raw resources, not just coal but a range of metals and minerals used in a vast range of products. Its risky and often unpleasant but its a necessary risk keep civilisation running and as mining was once more dangerous than it is now it will become safer in the future.

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