• The FBInow has no choice but to protect whistleblowers.

    The Chaffetz legislation passed the sharply divided house of Representatives unanimously,sending the FBI a clear message that Congress expects the agency to comply with the law. Such overwhelming support is unlikely to face any judicial questioning as to its meaning or intent, so any court challenges are bound to be unsuccessful. This legislation closes loophole in the whistleblower protection law and brings the FBI accountable to the same rules as other federal agencies.

  • Yes, it probably will.

    Yes, the Chaffetz Legislation that just passed unanimously in the U.S. House of Representatives will likely protect FBI whistleblowers. Now, when someone at the FBI makes disclosures to managers and supervisors in their chain of command, they will be protected from persecution. I think this is a good thing and I hope it works.

  • Yes, the Chaffetz Legislation will protect FBI whistleblowers.

    Yes, the Chaffetz Legislation will protect FBI whistleblowers. This legislation was designed to shield individuals who call the FBI out for illegal or unethical behavior from retribution. This legislation will both protect whistleblowers and encourage potential whistleblowers to share their stories without fear of being punished for their contributions to society.

  • It is smoke and mirrors.

    The American people know that a culture of corruption exists within law enforcement. They know that corrupt law enforcement officials are never held accountable. They know that the FBI will never punish someone who does something corrupt. Whistleblowers have no real protections from it. They will continue to face retaliation.

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