Champions League: Real Madrid tied Dortmund. Will Real Madrid win it all?

  • Yes, Real Madrid will win it all.

    Though Real Madrid tied Dortmund in the Champions League, i believe it will finally win. Real Madrid is a strong team and has had better times in the recent past. Nothing will stop them from proceeding and being where they belong. Therefore the need to put in a little more effort to achieve this.

  • Yes, Real Madrid will win the Champions League.

    Yes, Real Madrid will recover from it's two-to-two tie with Dortmund and win the Champions League. Dortmund has had a great season, so many expected Real Madrid to be a less than formidable adversary and lose. Real Madrid has heart, and the fact that the team played so well against Dortmund in a tied game shows they have the ability to take it all.

  • Yes, Real Madrid will win it all.

    Yes, Real Madrid will win it all because they are clearly the best team in the Champions League. They have too many strong players to be defeated, and they are consistently great year after year. They rarely face any setbacks, and they will continue to dominate from this point forward.

  • No, Real Madrid will not win it all.

    Real Madrid is one of the most well-known teams in Fifa, However, the results are not in until the final match. They could very well win it all, but they need to surpass, not just meet Dortmund's efforts to do so. They will need to excel their previous performance in order to win their championship.

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