Changing American football to protect players: Should American football be significantly changed to protect the players?

  • Yes, for the sake of our young people.

    Football has always been played in a rugged way and that is not a bad thing. However, we did not know then what the long term ramifications would be on the body and brain. For the sake of young people coming up, the whole game should be revised to keep the best and leave the rest.

  • Don't change the great game of football.

    If they don't want to get hurt don't play. They should know that they would get hurt. They signed up and the'll get what the get. Football is a great sport and if you change it you'll change history. Concussions are bad but it happens. Everyone gets hurt in life and some injurys are worse than others. D O N ' T B A N I T

  • I think that the players are making there own choices

    They know that they are taking a risk at playing a dangerous sport and the fans love also the teams make a lot of money. A s d f g h h j jk k l jku g f rff f f f r r r rr r rr rr.

  • Football Players are Protected Enough

    These days football players use so much protection it is a miracle they can still move around. I am not sure they could be more protected unless we gave each one their own cage. Making football safer than it already is would take most any element of realism out of the "sport". A football player can't bump his knee without laying down, carrying on until the coach comes out, stops the game and makes sure he don't have a bruise or need a band aid. If we make it more safer than it already is we would need to give football players ballerina outfits to wear.

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