Channel 4 to air Diana crash pictures: Is it correct to show these pictures?

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  • Have some respect

    Celebrity, royalty or coal miner, people and their families have a right to privacy and respect when death is involved. It may have been a tabloid sensation at the time, and continue to be a conspiracy darling, but at the end of the day, people lost their lives in that incident and the soberness of that should be held as the highest ideal.

  • Giving Diana Lasting Dignity

    Throughout her life, Diana, Princess of Wales, was hounded by the papparazzi and was beloved by the media worldwide. Wherever she went, she would cause a sensation simply by being there. Towards the end of her life, the desire and hunger for photos of her life grew to an insatiable point and were an integral part in the accident that caused her death. Since that tragic time, her family has worked fiercely to maintain her dignity and to give her the peace that she deserves. By Channel 4 airing the pictures of the car crash that ultimately took her life, is deplorable and is both insensitive to the her family and the public that adored her.

  • No, it not correct to show the pictures of Diana crash.

    It is not correct for Channel 4 of any other station to air pictures of Diana's crash. Putting pictures of her crash is insensitive to the family and is a cruel reminder to them every time it is aired. Those things should be taken into consideration more than the sheer curiosity of the public.

  • The public does not need to see these pictures.

    No one needs to see these pictures. This incident has long since passed and there would be no benefit in dragging up the past again. There are those people who thrive on seeing such negative images, but who will benefit from this? Only the media will benefit by increased ratings and revenues.

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