Charles Koch says Trump's travel ban similar to Hitler's policies: Is the u.S. headed down a dangerous path?

  • Our country's future looks bleak

    Our current president is detrimental to our country's reputation. Closing our door on refugees and prohibiting entry of foreign citizens from specific nations is not what America is about. If Trump does any more of the things he said we would(target families of suspected terrorists, register American Muslims, etc.), he is going to set this nation down an even darker path.

  • Yes, Trump's travel ban focuses on a single religious group; a practise not unlike that of Nazi Germany in the late 1930's.

    Donald Trump has invoked an executive order that prevents Muslim from Iran, Iraq, LIbya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen from entering the United States for a period of ninety days. Many websites and individuals have reported that none of these countries have produced active terrorists who have committed offences on American soil. The Trump administration maintains that these countries have already been identified as home to many terrorists adversarial to the United States.

    Prior to the Second World War, the fascist regime of Adolf Hitler intentionally blamed Jews for economic and social problems occurring in Germany. This policy was instrumental in promoting hatred motivating German people to enact restrictions against the Jews. They were denied freedom, property, and were eventually subject to the threat of genocide. Trump's policies are most dangerous not only because they isolate one group but for what they motivate others to do, which is eventually carry out hate crimes on their own. THis is just the beginning.

  • The US will be its own worst enemy.

    The United States is in a state of turmoil right now. The travel ban preventing immigrants from entering the country is the start or a set of laws that will eventually create a society that nobody wants to have. By keeping all people from certain countries out of the US we are losing excellent doctors, scientist, and creators that could change our world for the best. Our society will fall in on itself if it continues the direction it is heading.

  • Yes, we are.

    This man's actions are indicative of someone who is not only outside of their area of expertise, but someone who displays behavior that is highly narcissistic, explosive, and these elements combine to form behavior that can lead to the deaths of many people. People who voted for him are slowly seeing what a big mistake they made when they elected him.

  • I feel the U.S. is heading down a dangerous path

    Immigration bans, walls to keep immigrants out and racist rhetoric are all signs that we are headed down a path as a country we do not need to go down. These executive orders are unconstitutional and illegal in many ways. Donald Trump has no clue how to solve complex issues and his executive orders are a complete disaster.

  • Yes, very dangerous.

     Hitler's hatred of the Jews was justified by the Nazis by a series of lies and exaggerations, not so different from the lies and exaggerations told today about Muslims by the alt right.  According to the Nazis it was a " fact" that the Jews had conspired to cause Germany to lose the war.  Does not the alt right now tell us that it is a "fact" that Muslims are conspiring to     Create a world wide caliphate.  The tactics are similar and, depending on the circumstances, could end the same way.

  • Us is on the road to fascism

    The thing is, Hitler didn't start out by saying let's kill all the jews. He starting by blaming Germany's problems on people like the jews. Trump is doing blaming all of America's problems on Mexicans and Muslims. I don't think that Trump is going to kill millions of people, but he is on the road to fascism. He has said that the media is the enemy of the people, and even people in his own party (John McCain) have said that that is one of the warning signs of fascism. People always question how Hitler came into power, this is how. People saying it's not as bad as this, but it will only continue to get worse. We must defend the constitution, and Trump's travel ban infringed on freedom of religion.

  • Most certainly not.

    And there's Godwin's Law. *Sigh.* Let's lay out the differences between Hitler & Trump shall we?

    Hitler used propaganda to force Germany under his little thumb; Triumph des Willens & the use of the Teutonic Knights in propaganda material etc. Question. Does Trump implement the use of propaganda by authoritarian forces, thus making the American people subject to nothing but his own viewpoints and nothing else? The answer you are looking for is a big fat nein.

    Also, let's take a look at what Hitler is most infamous for. The slaughter of 12 million people in total. Now, because you've made this comparison between Trump & Hitler, I'm sure you'll be able to educate me on where Trump has endorsed the notion of slaughtering all Muslims. Whilst, it's reprehensible, it's nowhere near the same level of committing genocide. The *very* worst that he has said is that he's for killing families of terrorists. Decided to make a false equivocation with the most notorious, genocidal maniac in all of history, in a vain attempt to make Trump look like the same genocidal spud who slaughtered millions of innocents? Martin Luther King had a horrible view of peasants, therefore because his viewpoints were bad, Clinton advocated for the assassination of Assange, therefore Clinton is reminiscent of Vlad III of Wallachia. It's an absolutely silly claim to make. People's opinions may be distasteful you to, but there is no need to align them with notorious and infamous dictators; it's lazy and it's without foundation. Unless you can give evidence that Trump is going to start ordering people to be put in concentration camps, there is no need to align him to one of the most genocidal dictators in ball of history.

    Now getting onto the actual topic; travel bans are sometimes needed - Obama's administration did a similar thing back in 2011 and there was no uproar aligning Obama pushing America into Nazism. Frankly, I find the outburst to this, to be disproportional to the reality of the situation.

    Posted by: Spud
  • No, stop being ridiculous.

    First, its not Trumps Travel Ban, its Obama's as per the Terrorist Travel Prevention Act (2015). The variation is in line with the extreme vetting process as was promised early on in his campaign, and is mildly different from Obama's ban on immigration from Iraq for 6 months. This is NORMAL people. The ban is in effect for 90 days, which normal visas and green cards will be approved via an improved vetting process from 7 specific countries (as listed in Obama's TTPA) known to harbor and have high level of terrorist activity. Also, the top 5 nations with the highest Muslim population have 0 BANS, so it NOT a Muslim ban.

  • No we're not.

    If you actually read the order, instead of blindly following the fake news media, then you'll realize it's not about religion. You'll also realize that it's temporary, and that it's just there until we can get a proper vetting system in place. If this was about religion, more than 7 countries would be on the list. It just so happens that a lot of terror comes out of those particular Muslim-majority countries (jihad-infested land). Also, it's common sense if you think about it. President Carter temporarily banned the immigration of Iranians due to that crisis. FDR temporarily banned the entrance of the Japs, the Germans, and the Italians. And look here, this one's a whopper. President OBAMA temporarily stopped immigration from Iraq. None of these were examples of Presidents taking it out on others due to their ethnicity/religion/nationality, and neither is Trump's order an example of that.

  • Trump is not Hitler!

    Donald Trump stated that the travel ban had nothing to do with hating Muslims in general; he signed the executive order largely for the sake of defending his own nation and people against the ongoing threat of terrorist attacks. If he truly hated all Muslims, he would have banned practically every Muslim-majority country, including Nigeria, Bangladesh, Indonesia or pretty much every Arab nation. Trump is no racist, he just wants to protect his country.

  • No it's absurd

    US is progressing by protecting her own people from the danger of being annihilated by foreigners who hate who Americans are and their core value: democracy, liberty and freedom of speech. This is a means to preserve her independence and security against the threat of radical Islamists from corners of the world. Not trying to sound islamopbobia but this is the very solid fact that present itself in the face of the world. If you have no control over your border and immigration, how could you even consider yourself as a sovereign country?

  • "Everyone I Don't Like Is Hitler!"

    The thing is, the states that Trump had the ban on, were countries that Barack Obama deemed dangerous but did nothing about. Trump came around and decided to TEMPORARILY HALT immigration to and from these countries. This "Muslim Ban" is only for a few months, until proper vetting is able to be implemented. Plus, more than 70-80% of Muslims can still freely enter/exit the country at any time!

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Gareth_BM says2017-01-31T16:16:50.403
I haven't voted because I think this is creating a bit of a false dichotomy. I disagree with many of trump's policies but I don't think that necessarily going to become something quite as bad as Hitler.
Politics2016 says2017-02-20T17:16:06.707
The Constitution literally makes it impossible for the president to be like Hitler :l