Charles Manson hospitalized: Do prisoners actually receive decent medical treatment?

  • yes, prisonors receive decent health care

    It is under our constitution that no citizen receives cruel and unusual punishment for their crimes and not providing health care to our prisoners would be cruel and unusual. Therefore, I believe prisoners do receive decent medical treatment. Medical treatment should be given to all prisoners who need it regardless of the crime they committed or the sentencing they received.

  • They get the same treatment anyone else does

    Prisoners receive the same medical treatment as any other person gets. Just because they are a prisoner doesn't mean that they should be treated unkindly and without respect and dignity. Doctors take an oath to do no harm, regardless of who their patient is. It is not up to the medical staff to judge a person. Their job is to simply give treatment.

  • No, prisoners do not receive decent medical treatment.

    No, prisoners do not receive decent medical treatment. Prisoners are often subjected to subhuman treatment by their captors, and the health needs of these individuals are often ignored. This is allowed to happen because the public largely sees prisoners as less than human and are not concerned about the conditions they live under.

  • They do not care.

    The United States only gives lip service to treating people in prison's appropriately. In fact, when a person goes to prison, society doesn't care if they live or die. The could get attacked by another prisoner or even abused by a prison guard, and society doesn't care to do anything about it. It is corrupt.

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